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Anonymous asks: hi there^^ i was just wondering if Lian really has an instagram account because theres this dude claiming to be lian on instagram with the username lianlovesmin. on top of that theres also someone claiming to be Yajun, a fellow chinese ulzzang of lain...i highly doubt that hes the real one(yajun) because he tells everyone that his name is zhengmin chen. i was just wondering if you know:) thanks alot and btw, love your blog:)

I know Lianxun has an instragram account, it’s lianxun0525 ~  as for Yajun I don’t know, I tried looking at other Chinese model’s instragram to see if anyone was following him but I haven’t found anything, so I don’t know if the account you found is real. Sorry :/ 

thanks !  

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